"The Voice in the Darkness" first aired on September 7, 2016.


Tape from Nathanial CarterEdit

Nic plays the tape given to him by Nathanial Carter, containing a doctor's interview of a man who was allegedly missing for a week, but believes he was gone for nearly a year, working for the "Taskers" and the "green people" by mapping the surrounding geography. The man being interviewed mentions a being that didn't want them there: the darkness.

Nic's HypnosisEdit

In his session, Nic again describes being in a cabin and walking its long halls, until he seems to feel unsettled by a mysterious presence following and mirroring him. Dr. Bernier revives Nic from his hypnotized state just before the presence seems about to reach him.

Marcus Corey's WifeEdit

At Nathanial Carter's suggestion, Nic speaks with Marcus Corey's wife, Patricia. She said Marcus worked for TeslaNova doing what he described to her as horticultural research, even though he's a Marine. Eventually Marcus stopped sleeping and worked out constantly, and spent more time in the woods after accidentally hurting Patricia while he seemed to be in a trance state. When he started sleeping underneath their house in a hole he dug in the ground, Patricia called Cameron Ellis to collect him, and she hasn't been in touch with him since. She says she believes TeslaNova is now experimenting on her husband.

The Poeticon AstronomiconEdit

MK tells Nic the friend she entrusted to deliver to him an excerpt from the Voynich Manuscript was involved in a fatal hit and run. Before he died, he told MK he had found a first known printing of the Poeticon Astronomicon, a star map that Nathanial Carter was looking for. Nic discovers that while the map contained in the Poeticon Astronomicon may be inaccurate today, some people--including possibly Nathanial Carter--believe it's a way to locate the appearance of Tanis over the past two millennia, despite inaccuracies in the constellations and star placements.

Nic's Childhood TraumaEdit

Nic and MK connect over Skype to talk about the death of her friend, and whether the actors on the Tanis stage might be responsible. Nic reveals that when he was a child, he was abducted from a video arcade by a Sunday school teacher he knew, who locked him in a room for three days. During that time, Nic says he heard a voice in the darkness, telling him it would all be okay, and it was able to tell him what was happening outside, including when the police would find him.


Recurring CharactersEdit

Nic Silver, host and producer

Meerkatnip, information specialist

Dr. Bernier, Nic's sleep therapist

Guest CharactersEdit

Man being interviewed

Doctor, interviewing man

Patricia Corey, Marcus Corey's wife