"We Get What We Deserve" aired on October 5, 2016.


After being attacked by Mike, Nic walks further into the forest and runs into Veronika. Nathanial Carter and the Grackles are preparing for a ritual rebirth of the world, and Veronika insists it will happen with Carter as the
Navigator, Arl as the Cleric, Veronika as the witness, and Nic as the runner. As they journey, Nic records, eventually coming upon an altar and the dark, looming figures he saw when he first encountered the Grackles. He sees Carter at the altar, where he begins to read from an old scroll; as he does so, the large figures descend on him, one of them fatally attacking Carter. Nic, Veronika and the Grackles run away, Nic feeling as though he's guided to safety by "the blur". In his escape, he comes upon Pacifica Station and a researcher there who introduces herself as Alice Gellar.

Not stopping to rest, Nic continues, trying to navigate by the constellations but noticing something seems different about them; he holds up the map from the Poeticon Astronomicon and sees it matches the sky above him. Walking further down the path, he notices the constellations changed back to the ones he was familiar with. Following the newfound page of the Voynich Manuscript, Nic is guided to a cabin where he believes he'll find Sam Reynolds and Morgan Miller. Nic enters the cabin which eventually reveals itself to be bigger on the inside than the outside, and he starts a long descent; eventually becoming too tired and cold to carry on, he stops and falls asleep.

Nic awakes suddenly and charges out of the cabin, passing out after encountering a large, unidentifiable but seemingly amphibious creature. He awakes again and makes his way into a cave guarded by a large obelisk; inside the cave he encounters Paul, who reveals that Nathanial Carter was not the navigator...the navigator is Nic, himself.

Alex reads another section of Eld Fen by an unnamed author based on John Corroman's notes, where the author suggests that reading Corroman's notes in the order his assistant, Marjorie, has compiled them, has a tiring effect on him. Alex then reads an excerpt from Dr. Samuel Evenson's notes on what appears to be an experiment on a patients using a salve from a horn, which causes the patients to harm themselves and generally decline in overall health. The doctor later writes about having an unsettling feeling around the horn, while he ventures into the forest to find a cure for their ailments. Finally, Alex reads more poetry from August Wick where he describes "the old god, Eld Fen".


Recurring CharactersEdit

Nic Silver, host and producer

Veronika Pilman, researcher

Alex Reagan , producer

"Cult of Tanis" Paul

Guest CharactersEdit

Alice Gellar, researcher at Pacifica Station

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