"Frances Manners' Place in the Woods" aired on February 22, 2017.

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Nic confirms that Nathanial Carter's body was found after he was attacked by unknown creatures at the end of the last episode, and that despite Nic's encounter with Mike the geologist in the woods that same day, Mike's wife confirmed that he hadn't left their house that evening. Nic hasn't been able to reach Veronika or the Grackles, nor has he found Geoff, and he has memories of speaking with Sam Reynolds and Morgan Miller, but he recollects their trying to kill him as well. Nic tries to determine with his sleep therapist if his dreams or possible hallucinations are tied to his childhood abduction.

Cameron Ellis continues to try to persuade Nic to work for him, and denies any knowledge of an employee currently working at Pacifica Station (Alice, whom Nic encountered in his last race through the forest), and that there's currently no one on the other side of the wall, in the Breach. MK advises against Nic returning to work for Ellis.

Nic presents the strange case of five people in Oregon experiencing hallucinations due to an unidentified illness believed to be spread by touch, and MK reveals that the supposed patient zero in the event actually had contact with Frances Manners, a former Fort Nisqually resident and the founder of a health and wellness pyramid scheme, the fraudulence of which led to her being sued in four states. Someone had posted a video of Manners on a crowd-sourced WebMD kind of site, with audio that sounded like the Eld Fen recording but played backwards. Nic contacts Mary, a friend of Frances who had recently resumed their friendship after it had seemed that Frances had renounced her previous underhanded business. Mary said Frances had changed after she found her "special place in the woods", and after following her there one day, Mary saw what appeared to be two Franceses sitting and talking to each other. While she didn't ask Frances about what she saw, Mary said Frances became violent after she returned from Oregon, as though her personality had undergone another drastic shift.

Nic receives a video from an unknown source (only calling themselves "Eld Fennel"), revealing Geoff walking in the woods toward a cliff.

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Recurring Characters Edit

Nic Silver, host and producer

Dr. Bernier, sleep therapist

Cameron Ellis, CEO of TeslaNova

Meerkatnip, information specialist

Guest Characters Edit

Mary, friend of Frances Manners