"The Office of Alien Property" aired on March 8, 2017

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Nic contacts an audio/visual analyst to glean information from the footage of Geoff in the forest--his last known whereabouts--and she passes him on to a colleague, who finds it interesting that she can hear a nearby highway but can see no power lines in the footage. She estimates the footage came from a game camera, and notes the presence of another nearby road, so emails Nic information on where various roadways in the area meet, in order to track down Geoff's location.

Nic and MK come upon information about Nicola Tesla found in correspondence between himself and a man named Horace Birkin--the head of a company that researches new forms of energy--that suggests Tesla was once studying an object that made sounds and conveyed messages from another world. Tesla writes to Birkin that despite promising to stay away from the object, he had to go to it as it was calling to him, and he believed it was a source of perpetual energy. MK reveals that the company Birkin headed, the Channel Energy Photo Corporation, later became TeslaNova.

MK and Nic are later digging through the physical copies of information on Nicola Tesla, some of which was sent to a graduate student at the U of Washington named David Glass, when Nic comes across photos of the box that was supposed to contain Tesla's last-known mysterious project, his death ray. Nic sees something in the box in the photo resembling petrified wood, and he discovers more writing by August Wick stapled to the back of the copy of the photo. Alex reads Wick's poem, as well as a journal entry by someone witnessing a change in a man named Morrow, whom the writer believed died after he cut off and travelled with a piece of a horn.

Nic and MK travel to meet David Glass and discuss his findings in person, but his mother insists he's not seeing guests, and instead pleads with Nic to help her find out what happened to her son. She plays an audio recording for him and MK: her son being interviewed by a doctor until he becomes increasingly agitated, screaming "it's waking up".

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Recurring Characters Edit

Nic Silver, host and producer

Meerkatnip, information specialist

Alex Reagan, producer

Guest Characters Edit

Anna Yanis, audio/visual analyst

Dr. Connie Lannaman, Anna's colleague, also analyzed footage of Geoff

Marjorie Glass, David Glass' mother

David Glass, Tesla researcher

Doctor interviewing David Glass

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