A science fiction novel written by Morgan Miller, about a planet called Tanis that contained a powerful spirit mythology. The book was never published but one of the chapters featured the word Tanis more than 20 times. Miller claims that at the time she wrote the novel as Firefly fanfiction while taking a community college workshop in creative writing taught by Julie Green (nee Sanders). Morgan says the story of Pacifica came to her from her “dream journals.” She wrote it when she was a 17 year old high school student, working part time as a waitress. Morgan says she can’t remember anything about the book. It was a collection of short stories about lucid dreams. She said the dreams were extremely vivid, and she would wake up and write them down. There were no drafts or outlines. The stories simply flowed through her—just as it had happened with Sara Nothrup. Once she finished she had no memory of what she wrote, and to date she can’t remember any of the stories. Julie Sanders helped Morgan organize the stories and connect them together. After the manuscript was distributed, Morgan’s place was ransacked and she moved. She didn’t retain any copies. Cameron Ellis and TeslaNova Corp offered Miller $3 million for the book. However, before accepting the offer Miller disappeared. When asked by Nic Silver why she didn't accept the $3 million she stated "because weirdos...started showing up". Green’s publishing company eventually turned over all copies of the book to TeslaNova, signed nondisclosure agreements, and received large bonuses. Cameron’s daughter Avery Ellis later stole the manuscript off Cameron’s computer. At one point, Avery became the credited author of the book. She claimed to have stolen the novel off a Firefly fanfiction forum, but MeerKatnip confirmed this was not true. In fact, Cameron Ellis later confirms that Avery Ellis stole the manuscript from his computer. He says she did it because she was “acting out.” Cameron states he does not have any copies of Pacifica, although he won’t state why.  From